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Mordin gives Joker advice

“She… she’s standing right there, isn’s she?”

Okay, so, when I read the leaked script a few months back, I said, “I cannot freaking WAIT to hear that dialogue.” And I never got it on my first Gabby Shepherd playthrough. SO GLAD someone posted it so I can finally hear it. All of the lolz.

Okay, I did laugh pretty hard at this…

This is so not okay, guys.  And really not funny.

It was one thing for Mordin to approach Shepard with advice on how to remove listening devices from Miranda/Jacob, or for Mordin to point out that Garrus ejaculates death (because Shepard clearly didn’t know), or for Tali to approach Mordin for immuno-boosters.

But for Jeff, a 31 year old man with a life-long disability, who has clearly passed puberty and amassed quite a collection of porn to prove it, to approach an alien for basic sex tips? We’re just reinforcing that lovely BSN banter about how Joker must be a virgin because, lol, sex would shatter his pelvis.

Also, let’s keep in mind that sex with EDI means that she has penetrable orifices.  Things a robot would not need.  They’re there specifically because The Illusive Man ordered them.

Food for thought!

I cannot reblog this enough.

This scene was NOT okay. It was the bit that made me quit the single player campaign for a few days because I couldn’t deal with i. It’s insulting — it asks us to believe that a 31 year old disabled man is clueless about his own disability, doesn’t understand physical therapy, and has never given a thought to sex. And then it asks us to laugh at it.


Anyone with lifelong disability is very, very aware of their own limitations. They run up against them all the time. Joker knows what he can and can’t do. He’s probably been in intermittent physical therapy since before he could talk; he certainly wouldn’t be idiotically surprised by the whole concept. And whether or not he’s a virgin, he’d certainly have figured out how to have sex within his limits, and probably figured it out during puberty — and if he couldn’t figure it out immediately, you can bet your ass there were actually pamphlets at the clinic with pointers. Because for people with disabilities, these questions come up, and people work it out. Period. They don’t need help from alien doctors to manage something they’ve lived with their ENTIRE LIVES.

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Ya know. I think I can count how many times Joker has saluted somebody on one hand. The fact that he not just saluted, but hauled himself from his chair, stood at attention, and saluted just… it shows a level of friendship and respect that I don’t think Joker has felt for anybody, not captain anderson, not any of his previous Commanding Officer’s, nobody. That! That is friendship. That’s loyalty. That’s the reason I love this man so much. By far the one true friend Shepard will never lose, no matter how many fuck ups and mistakes and ordeals they go through.

I have a lot of feelings.

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